I <3 Second Hand Books


The derm notes that this medical student left in her book as she studied for boards.

I bought this First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 from the Tempe Public Library for $1 two years ago after I took my Step 1. What I didn’t know at the time was that the student who used this book before me included her own set of notes throughout the book. I’ve begun final revisions and finishing up the practice questions that I have. As I sifted through the pages of this book tonight I felt connected to her as I studied the same materials and noted her own side notes: “Pityriasis rosea looks like seconday syphillis. SJS – NSAIDs. She circled and highlighted the information implicating niacin in significantly elevating the good cholesterol called “HDL.” I wished I could high 5 her for noting that, and teach her more about the form that wouldn’t cause flushing, the form that could cause liver enzyme elevation and how taking aspirin or vitamin C with it could reduce flushing.

Reading used books, especially used books with notes in them is one of my favorite pleasures in life.


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