This will be my last post in this blog!

I am hoping many students find it helpful as they begin rotations, prepare for their boards and apply for residencies. I know that throughout my path as a medical student, I always wished there was more information and support available from the doctors who graduated before me.

Since taking boards I’ve been spending time with my family and friends in Maryland. I am experiencing the full extent of my fatigue. Med school works you SO hard emotionally, physically and mentally and its almost like your body won’t let you know just how exhausted it is until after it’s all over.

As for boards:

I ran into an alumni at a coffee shop a week before I began preparing for boards. She told me to spend that month relaxing, to take care of myself and that taking the boards will really be about my ability to think logically and use deductive reasoning to determine the correct answer. I’d say this was spot on – you DO need to take care of yourself, eat healthy and SLEEP while you study. But during the exams themselves there WILL be questions that leave you feeling dumbstruck, you will have no idea which option to choose, and you will leave boards with the realization that there was no amount of studying that would have prepared you for the boards. But that month of studying was incredible – it helped me know what concepts and modalities I felt comfortable with and what diagnoses and modalities I needed to focus on more. It also helped me become so much more confident in holding the title as Doctor.

So just enjoy the journey.